Polybutylene Piping

A solution that turned into a real problem.

As a low cost, light weight alternative to copper, polybutylene pipe was going to be the pipe of the future. Buildings built between the early 1970s and 1990s had these problematic pipes installed, and by the 1980s the failures of the polybutylene pipes were beginning to surface. Older structures in the Savannah area may still have these pipes in use today.

It’s in up to 10 Million Properties Nationwide.

Long-term exposure to the chemicals found in water causes an undesired reaction in the compounds used to make polybutylene pipes. Over time the interior of the poly pipe flakes away and can result in failure. Leaks or splitting of the pipe can cause significant and expensive damage to a structure. Replacement of these pipes is highly recommend by most plumbers.

The costs of Poly Pipe

Insurance costs are higher in buildings where polybutylene pipes are still in use. Coverage may even be limited or denied due to these pipes. These buildings also take longer to sell and sell for less.

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